Friday, July 10, 2009

Barry Hall's armpits

After breaking one jaw too many after taking the field after having a fight with his girlfriend, Australian Rules Football champion "Big Bad" Barry Hall announced his immediate retirement fro the game this week which is a crying shame for ARL fans and also, lovers of 6'4" strawberry blond gorilla men who love nothing more than ball games, fights, and wearing sleeveless uniforms that show off their amazingly blond, almost ginger armpits couched inside dozens of pounds of shoulder and pec muscle.

Barry is a keen boxer and he may or may not pursue that sport now his Aussie Rules career is over. He made world headlines a year ago when he punched West Coast Eagles player Brent Staker with enough force to shatter Staker's jaw and leave him close to a coma and copped a seven week suspension for that incident, which he followed during the very same game by running into an iron fence and breaking his own wrist.

What a man! Please enjoy the above shirtless Barry Hall gallery. And check out those fantastic armpits.

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